Current project main landing page displayed on a 3D tilted screen, floating with a shadow underneath

Food Product Showcase

An experimental new way to display products and boost client relations




Foodchain Shop is a free platform to display small brand products from the food and drink industry and expose them to a receptive audience, Foodchain Shops considerable following.

Started in the beginning of the UK Lockdowns, Foodchain Shop sought a way to help small struggling brands boost their product sales and keep operating during one of the toughest market periods in the UK's history.

Their aim was to create a totally new and novel experience for their audience, a website that displayed products in a fun showcase that highlighted interesting facts about them and their brands.

Foodchain Shop wanted the brands to shine, we landed on an idea that was sewn into their brand: use the product package colours in tandem with the highlighted products and create a site-wide rainbow of colour, totally unfettered by Foodchain Shop's own branding.

We created a simplistic layout, large eye-catching font, animation driven elements and a black and white colour system to enhance the individual brands and products, not eclipse them.

Mentat Design worked with the Born Creative team on this project.

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